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We partner with brands and creatives to develop and carry out projects that push culture forward. As a multidisciplinary creative practice, we are committed to understanding and innovating the means of production.
As a multidisciplinary creative practice, partners with brands and creatives to develop and carry out projects that push culture forward. is located at 1521 W, 400 S, Orem, Utah. While our home is in Utah, geography is no barrier for close collaborations. is excited to announce the first annual Ellipsis Lecture Series.

Artists, Designers, Writers, and Makers are invited to share their ideas on what it means to push culture forward today with values of community, curiosity, care, and partnership at the forefront. Those invited are imagining new ways of shaping brand and design, pushing the boundaries within their profession, and leading practices that resist rigid definition and reflect the sentiment of our time.

This Year’s Speakers Include*




Lecture One

Kristian Henson


Kristian Henson (Filipino-American, b. 1981) is a designer, director and publisher based in Muntinlupa, Philippines with a BFA from Art Center and a MFA from Yale School of Art. After an early career of designing for LA-based brands and music labels, he moved to New York City to focus on working in collaboration with artists, photographers and art institutions with a primary focus on The Philippines and the Filipino diaspora. In 2013 he co-founded the publishing imprint Hardworking Goodlooking with Clara Balaguer as a means of researching and circulating concepts such as social-practice art making, decolonization, vernacular typography, cyber folkways, third cinema studies and local print culture. HWGL has evolved into a wider collective that includes the artist Czar Kristoff and designer Dante Carlos. Their work has been featured in a range of talks, workshops and residencies in spaces such as The Walker Art Center, Swiss Institute, Printed Matter, Gwangju Biennale, Kunsthall Stavanger, Ooga Booga, Ulises, Wendy's Subway, Printroom Rotterdam, Post Festival Copenhagen, Technische Universität Munich, Central Saint Martins, and Yale University. 

Transplanting to Metro Manila full-time in 2021, his studio continues to expand into applying theory and experience toward personal / commercial projects and educational opportunities both locally and abroad.


Lecture Two

Joel Evey, PATHH


Throughout the past decade, Joel Evey has led teams in exploring projects through  art, fashion, graphic design and tech that initiate ideas and inspire movements.  Pathh’s work has taken many forms: They have created brands, campaigns, installations,  products, websites, artworks, strategies, exhibitions and experiences. Currently based in New York, Pathh’s focus remains on collaborating with good people and  contributing to ideas worthy of the world. 


Lecture Three



Ceilidh MacLeod
Co-Founder / Co-CEO, OEM

Raised in a remote glen in Scotland, Ceilidh MacLeod has always been exceptionally conscious of the importance of her surroundings. From her early days in a one-room schoolhouse to living in South Africa, Canada and eventually LA, the importance of caring for others and creating community has continued to guide her. Influenced by her father’s passion for entrepreneurism and the people he helped, Ceilidh went on to study business and spend her career gaining an understanding for how to build a brand, create revenue channels, navigate growth and manage teams at companies like Herbivore Botanicals,, The Hundreds, Basic.Space and Laundry Day. Now, with OEM, Ceilidh hopes to take her extensive experience and translate that into a brand that looks to the future while putting others first. Her mission is to help people feel cared for and to inspire them to care for others — because we’re all only on this earth momentarily.

Shun Kinoshita
Co-Founder / Co-CEO, OEM

Growing up in Japan, Shun Kinoshita spent his early years learning from the thoughtfulness and attention to community for which Japanese culture has come to be known. From taking responsibility for his surroundings, to caring for his extended family and communities, to considering how his everyday actions might affect others — these lessons would alter his view on the world for years to come. Curious from a young age, Shun was motivated both by his mother’s craftiness and his father’s ambition to explore design and business, respectively. From the clothing brand he created in high school, to his experience with brands and creatives like Nike, Kanye West, Jackie Nickerson, Porter Robinson and Garrett Leight, Shun has explored how the aesthetics with which we surround ourselves both affect and inspire us. Now, with OEM, Shun aims to merge his years of design experience with a long held passion for celebrating Japanese culture — something he continues to do with his project, b.Eautiful. Through creating a brand modeled after the Japanese values that have guided him and the design that has inspired him, he hopes to encourage us to care for both ourselves and for those around us.


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Lectures will be hosted via Zoom at 6pm MST. Event tickets, and registration is hosted through Eventbrite. Each talk will be streaming live from the HQ based in Orem, UT. Geography is no boundrary.






As a multidisciplinary creative practice, partners with brands and creatives to develop and carry out projects that push culture forward.


Our commitment to developing brands inevitably begins with brand strategy where we together define a brand's point of view. We see this as a type of therapy—articulating the existential questions that a brand is then poised to answer. We develop an individual strategy experience tailored for each client and their needs.

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We run a full-service creative direction and design studio with wide-ranging interests and no preferred mediums. We collaborate with creatives from all disciplines to develop visual and conceptual solutions for brands and institutions.

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