Finding Freedom in Rigor

Architekt Unknown centers around eliminating arrogance in the creative practice and finding freedom in rigor—a clarion call for the development of a uniform that serves a myriad of craft.

Services Brand Strategy, Identity, Product Design
Year 2020–2023
Team Lyman Ballif, David Wise, Grant Lyman, Elbert Giron

The collaboration, and work for Architect Unknown began with a simple idea—creating a uniform for everyday wear. We knew from the beginning that quality, and excellence at every level of the project would be paramount to success. Meticulous obsession over craft is evident from the visual logic of the logo to the fabrication and moulding of the garments details.

Central to AU’s mission is a fundamental commitment to actively monitoring its environmental impact and continually finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint. The label was inspired by Soetsu Yanagi’s “Unknown Craftsman” (1939) and the work of Walter Gropius and early founders of the Bauhaus. Their tenets of eliminating arrogance in creative practice and finding freedom in rigor became the clarion call for the development of a uniform to serve a myriad of craft. The uniform is both a means to an end, and an end in itself.

A uniform to serve a myriad of craft..

From Signature Garments to Campaigns.

With Architect Unknown we strived to create a complete work from identity to product. For the project to be successful we needed to collapse any distinction or divide between the two. This project and process was a true gestamwerk. Primary aspects of the identity, and their performance were tested and pushed across multiple contexts, both physically and digitally. We needed a system that would be compelling from the coated brass button of jeans, or the signature pocket of the tee, to more content focused social campaigns.

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