Purpose-driven Life, and Wellness.

Structured typography acts as a support system for color, expression, and otherworldly motion to transport, and reset over 1,400 participants from around the country.

Services Brand Strategy, Identity, Product Design, Event and Experience Design
Year 2022–2023
Team Hayden Clark, Nicky Dolan, Maureen Mullen, David Wise

MW3 is a life-changing, philanthropic conference that helped guide participants in creating a life of mastery, wealth, wisdom, and wellness.

Giving to the community is an essential part of creating lives of purpose, both for ourselves and for the people around us, and it was key for the conference to reflect this back. With over 1,400 participants the conference, and the work done for it needed to be awe-inspiring, and transportative for a range of audiences from acorss the United States.

The experience was the design.

MW3 has gathered influential investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the country. Come learn and network with 1,000 founders, C-suite executives, and decision-makers from the intersecting worlds of finance, technology, real estate, and philanthropy. The project ranged from product, environmental, experience, motion, identity design, and strategy. Over the course of two days we transformed the provo convention center into an array of unique experiences.

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