Empowering to Create

Pilar is a footwear brand founded with the mission empowering individuals to create. In each sport, moments of connection between us and nature.

Services Brand Strategy, Identity, Product Design
Year 2020–2023
Team Original Brand Expression: Lyman Ballif, Christian Santiago, Grant Lyman
Further Development: Hayden Clark, Nicky Dolan, Cortland George, Maureen Mullen, David Wise

Pilar represents a timeless approach to footwear utilizing the finest materials. Pilar’s signature aesthetic blends luxury, minimalism, and expression. Because of this we needed to construct an equally rigourous identity that would be robust enough to communicate across various consumer-facing touchpoints, while creating a platform for aspiration and expression.

Pilar’s team of designers and engineers to create products that breathed innovation into quality materials, and this is exactly what we wanted to do with each part of the brand strategy and identity. Utilizing Lausanne by Nizar Kazan, a sophisticated sans-serif font with an ultra-organic aesthetic, simple, but inventive lock-ups, and a bold signature yellow we built a platform that not only amplified the brand message, but also the product, and customers.  

Creating a Brand and Platform for Expression.

Pilars values reflects those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promoted. We wanted to craft an identity that would be both imbued with, and support these values. By utilizing a strong, and rigour typeface with yet a distinct flair, and the strong color yellow we created a foundation that would allow artistic expression in the form of photography, collage, and image-making.

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