Real, Organic Hemp. Simple and Pure.

Centered around conveying, and communicating the highest level of humility and approachability. Not only for the customer, but the earth as well.

Services Brand Strategy, Identity, Product Design & Packaging
Year 2020–2022
Team Lyman Ballif, Nicky Dolan, Cortland George, Maureen Mullen, David Wise

Waywest Hemp began with a simple goal to produce the purest, and cleanest form of
CBD from single source hemp. Sourced from their own hemp farm in Colorado we knew a since of simplicity, and directness was core to the brand. With this in mind we wanted to create a brand that echoed a similar sentiment—small moves done right.

During the research phase it became clear that a sense of humility and approachability was core to the brand. We wanted to craft an elegant and unpretentious logo and typographic system that we knew would stand the test of time, and pair well with the continuous development of brand content. A confidence in quality became the guiding voice, and the warm Coloradian Golden Hour became the main point of photography inspiration.  

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