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While the studio is capable of producing, and consulting on a wide array of projects we find ourselves often engaging with clients across three main categories: Brand Strategy + Identity, Web Design, and Experience Design. We will take a deeper look at what collaborating with the MF9 studio on a varierty of these projects looks like.

The timeline for the design and development process from initial meeting to product delivery ranges from 20–24 weeks. This range varies depending on a variety of factors, including depth of scope, touchpoints needed, production & asset development, etc. Once the client needs are properly identified, the team at MF9 will develop a timeline that will outline a reasonable delivery window. The Brand Strategy and Identity process is made up of four interdependent phases. This means that the actions taken in each of the phases will directly impact the next stage of the process.

While a lot of design studios tend to focus their process into speculative touchpoints that "look good on paper" we strive to anchor our scope to real use-cases and touchpoints. When the project is finished your identity will already be working for you, and your audience. 

The breadth and scope is mean't to be uniquely applicapable to YOU. This is just an overview, and
you may find your final scope of deliverables is longer, shorter, or altogether different. 

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