Objective: Identify the core essense of the identity. Who is the audience, what is it *really* and what is unique about your company.

The brand strategy phase begins with a meeting between MF9 and you—the client. We begin working together through dialogue to home in on a constructed mission supported by a set of pillars and values that are authentic and unique to you. We call this the brand soul. After a newly established soul is agreed upon, we take all research and dialogue into the next phase of our process—Ideation and Discovery. 

In order for this phase to have the right impact frequent meeting, and honest dialogue are necessary. It may seem like "discussion" or "just talking" but for us, and you to truly understand your brand potential it is important for us to know the who's, what's, and why's. Meetings are centered around establishing the mission, pillars, and values. Leadership participation is integral Client action items:

Client action items:
1. Attend kickoff meeting
2. Sign proposal within 2 business days of delivery

  • Client must pay any associated design fees and/or deposits otherwise the next meetings will be cancelled, and rescheduled for the next week.

3. Attend & Participate in Brand Strategy  Meetings

  • At the end of each meeting there may be “homework” on each side.
  • Client Must provide or come prepared to discuss previous talking points.
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